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Sugar Bee RPG

PATREON EDITION Custom Character Candles

PATREON EDITION Custom Character Candles

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Welcome to the Patreon exclusive version of custom character candles! This listing will be the same as the public listing, with added custom options such as herbal toppers and candle wax shimmer!

Let’s work together and create a perfect candle, representing your favorite D&D or RPG-adjacent character! This customized character candle can help immerse you into the magical realm of Roleplaying Gaming, where even your senses get to enjoy the world you’ve created for yourself. Through information provided to me in this listing, I will cultivate a blend of scents and pour a one-of-a-kind soy wax candle to represent the character you’ve chosen to describe.

While you will have the opportunity to provide suggestions or requests (and even let me know if you have any restrictions), this candle will ultimately be designed and finalized by Sugar Bee RPG.

Customization Terms & Agreement:

This product is a custom listing and will be made-to-order. Each custom candle will take up to 2 weeks to complete and ship out. Please note that while this candle is customized to your provided character information, I, the artist, have primary control over the utilized scent profiles. Your requests are welcome (and encouraged), but may not be possible to execute if certain blends are not available to me. If there are any requests not honored, I will use my best judgement to find an adequate substitute and continue to create your perfectly unique blend.

Candle details:

Material: 100% soy wax

Size: 8oz net weight

Package weight: 1 pound per candle

Burn Time: 40-50 hours

Please also note that soy wax candles take around 1 week (7 days) to fully cure. Burning your candle prior to the curing period will not perform as well and may leave your scent throw less prominent. If your candle has not finished its curing period prior to shipping, I will include a date on its packaging to let you know when it is completely cured and ready for lighting.

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