Sugar Bee RPG is a woman-owned small business that focuses on handmade items inspired by Tabletop Roleplaying Games. Our products include a wide variety of themes, ranging from soft magic to dark fantasy. Here, we can help you can find the perfect items to add to your tabletop gaming armory!

A word from the owner

Hello! My name is Bee, and I am a 24-year-old artist from Texas. I started this business in September of 2019 as a handmade dice creator. Now, I've expanded my offerings to many art forms, including candles, jewelry, skincare, and much more.

The name Sugar Bee RPG comes from a mix between my love for bees and my cat, Sparta. "Sugar Bee" is a nickname that I have been calling my cat for years; since she is one of my biggest inspirations, she became the face of my company. Sparta has been with me through most of my life, and I wanted to give her as much love as possible within my branding since she is a primary influence in being where I am today.

When I am not working on my products, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, playing a variety of games (D&D 5e, and Magic: the Gathering are some favorites), working at my day job as a bartender, and attending local markets to meet with fellow creators.

I love getting to know my supporters, so if you ever feel like sending me a message, feel free! I also have a Ko-Fi and Patreon that you can find below - these help me cover monthly costs such as website fees, supply restocks, etc!