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Sugar Bee RPG

Teleportation Spray - Odor Eliminating Room Sprays

Teleportation Spray - Odor Eliminating Room Sprays

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Our room sprays are naturally odor eliminating, and make great additions to whatever space needs a refresh. We've had success using these in our bedroom, closets, car, bathroom, and more!

Scent descriptions:

Secret StudyUnlock the secrets that lie within the walls of your room with our Secret Study scent - the perfect companion for your adventurers in the pursuit of knowledge. Notes of dusty leather-bound books, sandalwood, bergamot, and patchouli.

Short Rest: Sit down and relax for a little while - you deserve a short rest after your long journey! This scent has notes of refreshing eucalyptus, crackling campfire, and a burst of pine needles.

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