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Necromancer Candle - Hidden Bone Inside!

Necromancer Candle - Hidden Bone Inside!

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We have once again joined forces with Jamie over at The Scavenger's Shoppe to bring you another incredible one-of-a-kind product - hidden bone candles!

Release your inner necromancer and raise the dead with our dirt (no literally, it smells like dirt. GOOD dirt.) scented candle, revealing a mystery bone within as it burns down! All bones within these candles are hand-gathered and cleaned by The Scavenger's Shoppe - Jamie only uses ethically-sourced materials, most of which come straight from her backyard! We all know a lover of the dark arts, so whether that person is yourself or a good friend, these candles can make an incredibly memorable gift. They are in limited supply, so act fast!

Comes in an 8oz glass jar and made with 100% soy wax for a 40-50 hour burn time.

This candle is scented with petrichor, oakmoss, and amber. If you've ever opened a fresh bag of potting soil or gone outside after it rains in the south, that's the smell you can expect from this candle. We LOVE the smell of dirt, and know there are others who seek out the same mossy goodness!


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