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Sugar Bee RPG

LotR Candle Series - 3 oz

LotR Candle Series - 3 oz

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“It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.”


J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Scent Descriptions:

Durin's Bane: The swirling smoke of burning incense, with glowing embers and the demise of a fallen beast. Dusty top notes of dragon’s blood and patchouli incense, with middle-earth notes of smoked cedar and oud on a bed of crackling firewood.

Hobbit-Shire: The warm sweetness of maple syrup, spiced mead, and a bowl of fresh Longbottom leaf. Sweet top notes of spiced honey and bay leaf, with middle-earth notes of fresh tobacco and vanilla atop chopped oak.

Lothlórien: The nostalgic scent of a forest floor after a long evening of thunderstorms. Green top notes of juniper and sage with middle-earth notes of jasmine and lily atop a bed of moss and damp earth.

Rivendell: A soft reflection of moonlight glimmering over the secret valley of elves, producing an intellectual scent of sweet moonflower nectar, balsam trees, and aged oak. Green top notes of balsam fir and pine needles with middle-earth notes of white oak and cherry blossom, grounded by a blend of dark amber, vanilla, and musk.

Sundering Seas: Warm sunlight reflecting over white shores, with driftwood sprinkled in sea salt and revitalizing eucalyptus. Fresh top notes of mint and ozone complimented by crushed peppercorn, with middle-earth notes of eucalyptus and greenery atop waves of sea salt and sandalwood.

Made in a 3oz glass jar with 100% soy wax for a 20-30 hour burn time.

Product photo credits go to Bex @lensofhyrule !

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